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Born: 1 (2*) November 1820 (1823*) Martinville, Guilford County, North Carolina, son of John and Priscilla Luffman.

Educated in North Carolina.*

Admitted to the Bar of the Supreme Court of North Carolina in 1847.*

Fought in the Mexican War (1846-1848). He was a soldier in the Mexican War of 1847, in Company E, 13th United States Infantry, serving throughout the war.*

Moved to Murray County, GA in 1851.

Re-admitted to the Bar of Georgia in 1858 at Murray Superior Court.*

Served in the Georgia Legislature 1857-1858.

Enlisted in Company C, 11th GA Volunteer Infantry, Army of Northern Virginia, CSA, Murray County GA ("Murray Rifle Company") on 3 July 1861 as a Captain. Elected Major, 27 January 1862. Elected Lt. Colonel, 26 May 1862. He fought in the Battles of Manassas, Yorktown, Wilderness, Malvern Hill, Rappahanock, Seven Pines, Gettysburg, Richmond, Petersburg, Knoxville, Seven Days, Cold Harbor, & Suffolk. He was wounded at Manassas & Knoxville. He was severely wounded in the right hip near Wilderness, VA on 25 August 1864. He was examined by the Medical Board in March 1865. The Board declined to recommend his retirement to the Invalid Corps.

In Kittrell J. Warren's History of the 11th GA Volunteers, his descriptions of Col. Luffman are as follows: "The Major is a cozy old batchelor, reaching hard towards forty, and possesses withal a very presentable contour. He is indifferent to danger. He speaks quickly, thinks independently, and acts decisively. In social intercourse, he is frank, disingenuous, and quite communicative; to men of all his command, indulgent and reasonable, and to the orders of his ranking officers all obedience--provided those orders happen to correspond with his preconceived opinions. He is a lawyer by profession, and has figured sucessfully on the political arena." " Colonel Luffman did not send out these companies, but (according to his custom) went with them himself." "Colonel Luffman who has been severely wounded in both legs, and is able to walk only with great difficulty, still stays with, and encourages his men until relief arrives."

Commanded the Georgia Brigade at Gettysburg after General G.T. Anderson was wounded.

"The Mt. Airy News:, 11 November 1897, printed "The Battle of Siloam". The story of a recuperating Col. Luffman and Major Reeves escaping from 500 Federals in April 1865. "The Colonel was bathing when he heard the heavy tramp of horses. Looking out the front door, he saw quite a number of Blue Coats coming toward the house. He awoke the Major, seized his carbine, and rushed out into the front yard."Surrender that gun, sir" demanded a Yankee, who has already been to the stable and was astride Col. Luffman's fine horse. "This is my gun," curtly replied the Colonel, "and I have a perfect right to use it; besides, I see you on my horse; get off at once or I'll help you off!" Bang! roared Luffman's gun , and off tumbled the haughty rider, shot through the breast. After a brief exchange of gun fire , the Colonel and Major escaped to the river and hid under the water, breathing through their nostrils, until the Blue Coats gave up the search. After resting and getting clothes from friends, Col. Luffman returned to Spring Place, GA. He was paroled in Atlanta on the 17th of May, 1865.*

Served as Vice Commander of the John B. Gordon Camp of the Confederate Veterans when it was first organized.

Appointed to the first five man Murray County Board of Roads and Revenue Commission in 1873 for a four year term.

Served on the Roads and Revenue Commission in the early 1890's

Served in the GA Legislature 1878-1879.

*At the age of 55 he is still unmarried. In connection with the practice of law, he has been engaged in the building of the railroads and also in farming. He served as Judge of the Inferior Court of his county before the War, and after the War was Solicitor of the County Court, and president of the Board of Education, which trust, he resigned two years ago. He is a Mason and a Democrat.

Died on 18 December 1893, Murray County GA. Buried in the Spring Place Cemetery.

Sources: * Georgia's General Assy. of 1878- Biographical Sketches by Samuel A. Echols.

Murray County Heritage by Tim Howard

Civil War Service Records, National Archives Veterans Records, Washington D.C.

Col. William M. Luffman's Tombstone-Spring Place, GA

Prepared by Carolyn Z. Luffman